Everyone deserves a place to breathe and rest to detox and restore the health of body, mind
and spirit. It is proven that regular body treatment and massages help to improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, as long as to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Our qualified and professional aromatherapists will provide the best assistance for you to relieve specific physical disorders, illnesses and psychological problems by using aromatic essential oils. For your another choice, our qualified and professional tuning fork practitioners will provide the best sound therapy assistance for you to relieve specific physical disorders, illnesses and psychological problems by using the tuning forks. Tuning Fork healing is non-invasive practice. It helps to "tune-up" our system and return to a balanced and homeostatic state.

Our Services

75 mins / £45

Full body and facial massage, total
relaxation and relieving muscles'
stress and tension

15 mins / £20

A head massage helps relieve stress by reducing heart rate, decreasing the release of stress hormones and relieving tension in the body.

15 mins / £20

Scrub and hand mask for extra dry
skin to restore softer, Smoother

40 mins / £35

Chakras can be blocked due to physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual problems. Open the 7
Chakras(wheels) as the places in our
body where the energy congregates
to achieve well-being.

7 Chakras
The Muladhara (root) chakra
The Svadhisthana (sacral) chakra
The Manipura (solar plexus) chakra
The Anahata (heart) chakra
The Visuddhi (throat) chakra
The Ajna (third eye) chakra
The Sahasrara (crown) chakra

60 mins / £45

Meridian lines are the system of
pathways in the body by which
energy flows. Blockage of the Meridian lines will cause pain and various ailments.

Unclog the circulation of 12 Meridian
lines by using the Tuning Fork frequency to enhance the balance of

45mins / £45

The Spine Meridian acupuncture
massage has the function of dredging the meridians and regulating the qiand blood. The massage will be aligned with the Du Channel, the main channel of the Eight Extra Meridians

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